I was on Monster wiki when making an article about the Godzilla monster , Red. When suddenly the article resetted itself and the name of the villian Null appeared on the article. I tried to warn my parents but they were annoyed by my story. A day later the iPad corrupted and I warned Daddy about who did it. I said it's name is Null. The only Null sightings I get are his name. When the iPad was fixed it corrupted again a few weeks later. Then the tablet corrupted again and this time it wasn't able to be fixed. Then I played block hunt a few times. I saw a chicken that was morphing into other animals. When I killed it , the death message said that I killed Null. I told another player about it. The next time I got another encounter with Null's chicken form. When I killed it , it told me the same death message I had the 1st time I encountered him. The 3rd time this happened , Null was then attacking me. He could shoot arrows which was weird because he was not in his usual pitch black true form. When I finally killed him , I found out this was my third and final Minecraft Null sighting. Then I got a Null sighting on Google. This final sighting was an error message. That was the last time I saw Null.