Herobrine is pretty much the most well-known pasta on Minecraft. Here is the one a young girl recently witnessed when she played on one of her worlds.

My name won't be mentioned. This is real, and I won't deny it wasn't.

I was building a mansion alone about an hour ago. I always played on peaceful every time I went on. About 5 minutes after starting, my parents left to go run errands. I was getting lonely, so I decided to set my world to LAN. A few other players came on. After a while, we decided to go camping, so I ropped off my mansion and got my stuff from my apartment. We all became good friends, and a girl who was the only girl {not including myself} claimed she had seen the squid overlord without the derpy squid mod. It started to get dark out, so we gathered around the netherack campfire and began to talk.

That lasted a few hours. That night, while I was asleep I was awoken by something. I decided not to tell my new buddies about it and started to look around. That's when I saw him.Cold,white,dark,staring eyes,went right through my soul...

I screamed over the Skype call and the others woke up, too. We decided to call it a game and we all logged off at the same time.

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