The story is in 3rd person.

Story Edit

A miner was running when suddenly he heard a hiss. He went into a cave guarded by bushes. He lit a fire because it was so dark. He coughed. He then heard walking behind him. Then a weird alien "ho!" then the weird ho sound turned into a deep growl. The miner found a book. He read it. He heard a bit of weird music. His fire went out so he relighted it. There was then carnival music playing in reverse. Then he saw it. a Man with white eyes staring at him. The miner ran. The monster caught up. The miner ran faster til he reached dirt and a dead end. Just when the man was about to roar , The miner said HEROB- he couldn't say the monster's whole name. As static was heard in the background , the demonic Steve-like entity then blasted a line of obsidian through the miner's chest. Causing the miner to go limp and fall to the ground.

The Monster's true identity Edit

The Monster was identified to be none other than Herobrine.

What condition is Disc 11 in now? Edit

In The Minecraft game , Disc 11 looks like a torn apart version of Disc Stal.