I was playing Minecraft so I decided to download the Dinosaur mod. When I did it , I saw something a bit strange. I was in a office. I sat down. This new world was a bit FNAF-Like. The same calls. I was looking around as Nightfall set in. I heard cave sounds. They were 4 , 16 and 18. I looked into a cam. Pretty weird because the dinosaur mod doesn't have cameras. I saw three Dinosaurs on a stage. The dinosaurs looked different from their actual mod design. The Dinosaur Id's popped up. They were T.Rex.EXE , Allosaurus.EXE , and Indominus.EXE. The creatures woke up their pixely eye lids vanishing revealing red eyes. The eyes were crying oil. They turned and laughed at me. Then they talked! They talked with FNAF 4 lines coming out of their razor sharp jaws. Triceratops had the same thing. I saw iron doors. I could open and close them , but they had no lever. I know it's shocking but those dinosaur lines being reused from those dumb games make me feel a bit strange. I had a light as well. I looked into another cam. Allosaurus was in the hallway to the left. I used the light and I saw Allosaurus in my face!!!!!!! When this happened a sound from the IOS Slenderman's forest game played. The one were you look at him. He said "I FOUND YOU ENDO-DINO. I'll repair you." Before he could kill me , I shut the door. I heard him say. "CRAP!! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO FIX YOU!!!!!!" I saw triceratops running in the hallway. Thankfully I kept the door shut. He banged on it. He said in anger , "LET ME IN!" I said "NO WAY YOU GRIM PIECE OF CRAP DINO!" after a while The Sun finally came up. A screen came up. A animation of 5:00 turning to 6:00 before you knew it the dinosaur mod returned to normal. So did my world.