One night, i was looking on google about "Creeper" then i saw a site which said "Creeper.avi" Then i downloaded it and watched the video. Then when i watch it, it was weird, it was just a creeper standing, it was playing, dancing, or smiling. Just staring at me. It stayed like that for 5 minutes. Then 12 seconds later after static appeared, The creeper has soulless black eyes, and is crying blood. And it also looked like it has been shot. The eyes and blood wasn't realistic, but looked more like it was made in MS Paint than in Minecraft. I started hearing eerie music with volume increasing. Then i heard screaming which sounded realistic. Then it's eyes started to melt and it's mouth started to get thinner then it was completely gone.  Then it started to show frames of dead children. First it showed the face of the Exorcist girl with a very loud scream (which was silmiar to the ending of The Scary Maze Game). Then it showed Herobrine from Minecraft holding a blood-stained axe while saying strange words, Then a 2-year old girl hanged up on a noose, Then a horse putting it's head in the lava, Then a old lady looking depressed, Then a 8th grader laughing at 3 6th Graders, Then it showed a nightcrawler-like figure killing animals. Then it showed the same creepr with a dead body of enderman twirling it's head (which is similar to Rap Rat) saying in a creepy demonic voice "You're next!". I realized the eyes and mouth were back. Then the camera zoomed in to it's face and it cutted to static, but before the static appeared, there was a picture of a Demon T-Rex