These are the rules for our chat room.

  • No insulting the Admins or Chat mods.
  • No making death threats towards each other.
  • No saying racial or sexual jokes or insults towards each other. If done will result in a 2 day ban. If it's toward an Admin or chat mod then it's a 5 day ban.
  • Don't post hate towards each other.
  • Don't bring in nasty arguements into the chat. Argue privately. If it gets out of hand tell an Admin or Chat mod.
  • Don't talk trash about users, this wiki, or other wikis.
  • You can tell people about your wiki and websites. Just don't post porn sites or other trash and spam sites. If done will result in a 2 day ban.
  • No trolling other people.
  • Don't get people banned by telling them to do something bad. You will get banned as well.

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